Cushman & Wakefield provides tenant/buyer representation for all types and sizes of healthcare providers drawing on years of experience and unparalleled market knowledge. Engaging us as your agent will ensure timely and effective solutions for all your real estate needs.

LEASING | New Locations, Consolidations and Renewals
Whether your organization is leasing a new facility, renewing a lease for an existing location, or consolidating operations into more efficient space, Cushman & Wakefield will help leverage your position in the marketplace to obtain the most favorable terms and conditions commensurate with your unique business objectives.

ACQUISITIONS | Building and Land Purchase
For some organizations, owning real estate can be the best strategy for addressing and customizing facility needs and controlling long-term operating costs. Cushman & Wakefield has extensive experience with building and land acquisitions. From stand-alone facilities to multi-tenant investment properties, we can help you make sense of opportunities and execute complex transactions to invest in real estate.

DISPOSITIONS | Subleasing and Building Sales
The healthcare industry is a dynamic, ever-changing environment that can require unique and innovative solutions for real estate occupancy. As your organization evolves and the market moves through cycles, the disposition of leased or owned real estate may be necessary. Given our specialization in the healthcare industry, we are uniquely qualified to assist in identifying suitable subtenants for leased property. Cushman & Wakefield can also provide solutions for selling your owned real estate assets, maximizing value and unlocking capital for future reinvestment.

Engaging Cushman & Wakefield as your real estate agent for sale or lease transactions will minimize your exposure to costly mistakes and allow you to capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace. While most tenants negotiate a lease once every 5-10 years, building owners and developers deal with leases every day. Cushman & Wakefield can guide you through each step of the leasing process allowing you to move forward with confidence.

We offer unparalleled market knowledge, a full platform of commercial real estate services, and a distinct specialization in the healthcare industry. Individual physicians rely on us as a trusted advisor for commercial real estate transactions, medical practice groups look to us to develop and execute complex real estate strategies, and entire hospital systems partner with us to manage and monetize their real estate assets. Cushman & Wakefield provides the resources you need to make timely and informed real estate decisions that enhance operational efficiencies, strengthen your position in the marketplace, and improve the overall value of your organization.


The Real Estate Life Cycle – Tenant Services Matrix

Tenant Servies Matrix